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Task description from OCR:

You must research and develop one of the set briefs for Unit 9.

For assessment of this unit, you must produce evidence which must include:
• a preparatory report into current working practice
• a project plan in response to the set brief
• a diary or log of work completed
• support materials for use with the project
• an evaluation of your performance in relation to planning the project
• an evaluation of your performance in implementing the project
• an evaluation of your ICT solution to the given brief.


We will be completing this unit along with Unit 14: Developing and Creating Websites

The brief states:
Produce a website publicising a forthcoming election of your choice. Your planning should make it clear what the subject of the election is and who will be voting. The website should be aimed at those who will be voting and should suit the subject of the election.


To complete ths unit you have to produce:
-a report into current working practices
-project plans (gannt chart & critical path analysis
-a series of diaries or logs of work completed: i) development of ICT skills, ii) development of planning/personal skills, iii) how you coped with issues
-support materials for the project (a guide on how to maintain update and publish your site)
-evaluations of your i) planning, ii) implementation and iii) actual project