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task b(ii)  
Task description from OCR:
Produce a project management plan will help you to organise your time efficiently. As a guide, the minimum
requirements for the project management plan should include:
• key dates, deadlines and timescales
• how work may be managed in small sections or tasks
• organisation of information and resources
• time for reviews and modifications
• time for evaluation.

Task b(ii) relates to the quality of the finished plan, for example have all things been considered so there are no gaps in the plan.
At mark band 1, the plan will have little depth, there will be little indication of time; it will simply be a list of things to be done.
At mark band 2, students will produce quite a good plan but not everything will be covered – there will be gaps in the planning; things that have been overlooked.
At mark band 3, students will consider the interdependency of the tasks that they must carry out to complete the project – I can’t do this until I have done that. They will also take into account other factors that will affect the project such as availability of resources. The word ‘all’ is the discriminator between mark band 2 and mark band 3. At mark band 3 the sub-tasks need to be broken down. There also needs to be acknowledgement of the fact that the student has built in contingency time.

  • Your tasks need to be detailed (find appropriate images, draw layout of each screen, write draft of text, design own graphics) rather than general (plan website)
    • for full marks your plan needs to be broken down into as many detailed tasks as possible
  • Your plans need to show dependency (i.e. you must bookmark all the pages that you will link to before you create your hyperlinks)
    • for full marks all dependencies must be shown


Exemplar work:
Candidate NH (spreadsheets) The level of detail included in the Gantt, dealing as it does with precise details of what will be done, is worthy of a high mark for task bii. However, there is not quite enough detail for maximum marks. For example the candidate could have expanded on ‘required calculations’. 9/10
Candidate LD (publishing) However, the lack of detail in the tasks has meant that the candidate has lost marks for task bii. The tasks that have been identified are vague at best, and lack real detail about what will be done. The candidate has, therefore, been awarded 4 marks as, although they have not given much detail, the candidate has used formal techniques. 4/10
You Produce a simple plan in any format. You produce a project plan that covers some aspects of the necessary planning You produce a project plan that covers fully all aspects of the project.
Candidates produce a simple project plan that is be extremely vague and only covers the most basic issues candidates produce a project plan that covers some of the necessary issues in reasonable depth or a few issues in great depth candidates produce a full project plan – at the highest level, the degree of planning covers all aspects of the project and it is clear from the plan that the candidate has considered all possible aspects of the project in great depth.